Facts about Gaza and the War

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The Gaza Strip is land bordering the Mediterranean Sea between Egypt and Israel. Most of the people in the Gaza Strip are Palestinian refugees (people who in 1948 fled from what is now Israel)

There are about 1.4 million people in the Strip. For 60 years the United Nations has helped refugees.

There is no free passage from the Strip to Egypt or Israel or to the sea. By the fall of 2008 U.N. food was all that was keeping most people of the Gaza Strip from starvation.

Starting Dec. 27, 2008 and going on for 22 days warfare in the the Gaza Strip caused tremendous destruction

Over Palestinian 400 children were killed and over 1,800 were injured.

37 United Nations schools suffered damage from Israeli attacks. 157 schools in all were damaged.

The private school named the "American International School" was totally destroyed.

In the Israeli town of Sderot which is next to the Gaza Strip Palestinian rockets killed several people and caused over 180 injuries.

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A U.N. video about Gaza including the attack on one of the schools.

We Can Help By Sending Money to Rebuild the Gaza Schools

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The United Nations many years ago set up UNRWA to help the Palestinian refugees. They have offices in the Middle East and in other areas including New York City.
Have your school take up a collection for the Gaza Schools.

Make the checks to "UNRWA". Send checks to:

UNRWA Representative Office, New York
One United Nations Plaza, Room DC1-1265
New York, NY 10017, USA

On the check and in a separate note say that the funds are for the U.N. schools in Gaza.

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